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Supports Online Credit Card Payment

GOMPAY Payment System helps customers to make payments in a secured and easy way.
Your payment information and history can be managed safely with GOMPAY's thoroughly managed security system.
Start managing your new customers with safe and trustable GOMPAY Payment and Merchant Account.

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GOMPAY Service Overview

- Most Merchants world widely can apply: New Merchants ~ Large Merchants
- Accepts credit card issued from 230 different countries and local currency
- Supports Multi-language Payment Page: English, Japanese, and Korean.
- Supports Recurring Payments for Periodic Payments.
- Easy and simple payments possible with Non Active-X and Non pop-ups

GOMPAY provides the best services to attract oversea customers

1. Online Shopping Cart

1. Online Shopping Cart

Customers add products to their
online Shopping Carts.

2. Payment Page

2. Payment Page

Enter card information on the website which
is integrated with GOMPAY safely.

3. Payment Approval and Details

3. Payment Approval and Details

Merchants can check transaction details
on the Merchant Admin page in real-time.

Contact us for more information.