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Online shopping malls targeting Chinese customers are recommended
to use UNIONPAY, ALIPAY and TENPAY Payment Methods.

Merchants with business registered outside of China can also simply & quickly integrate.

Domestic / Foreign Business Registrants Available

Domestic / Foreign Business Registrants Available

- GOMPAY is available for both
  Domestic and Foreign Business
- You can deal with Chinese   customers without having Business   Registration in China.

Supports Mobile Payments

Supports Mobile Payments

- China has much higher Mobile   penetration than PC, which has a   high Mobile Payment ratio.
- Since GOMPAY’s Chinese Payments   support mobile payments, it attracts   more Chinese customers.

Card MDR

Card MDR

- With variety of payment methods,   you can gather more transactions   since GOMPAY offers the same   MDR for PC and Mobile Payments.

China Unionpay 中國銀联China Unionpay

Though China Unionpay has the smallest market share, it links the ATMs of fourteen major banks throughout Mainland China

Therefore, Chinese customers can purchase through Unionpay with their debit and credit cards.
Owned by the central bank, it has a monopoly on processing RMB-denominated transactions using debit and credit cards in China, which is rapidly expanding its issuing footprint overseas.

Online shops cooperating with Unionpay are increasing which more and more transactions are increasing. Because more Chinese people tour oversea, cards that allow cross border and domestic payments are increasing as well



Unionpay Credit Card
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GOMPAY Merchant Account
Refunds/Partial refunds

Alipay 支付宝Alipay

Alipay is a third-party online payment platform that provides payment service to reduce transaction risk for shoppers, and partners with more than 180 financial institutions, including Visa and MasterCard. It also provides payment platform to over 0.5 million Chinese companies, online gaming, business service, ticket sales and etc

As it is owned by e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba, Alipay provides payment services for major Alibaba e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall.

Alipay is the most recognizable online payment service in China, which customers who have used Alipay in the past may pay directly through the GOMPAY without additional registration.



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GOMPAY Merchant Account
Refunds/Partial refunds

Key uses

- Pay credit card bills and withdraw money to bank accounts.
- Online website’s Payment Method
- Taobao and Tmall websites’ key payment method


Tenpay is the second largest ONE-STOP payment solution that was launched by Tencent to support online payments. It usually includes shopping, gaming, mobile transactions which claims to have increasing monthly active users.

When payment processes through GOMPAY, the page is redirected to Tencent payment page and can be used on PC and any other device easily.



Debit cards
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GOMPAY Merchant Account
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