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Check Lists for Inspection

Check Lists for Inspection, GOMPAY Payment Service availability is determined depending on the inspection results.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to understand us for cases where you are asked for detailed questions
related to your business during for inspection.

1st GOMPAY’s Requirements for Inspection

1. Fully Completed Website

Inspection Available

O Inspection Available

Inspection Unavailable

X Inspection Unavailable

2. Product Description

Full Description of Products Details

Ex) Size Table for each Country,
Actual Measurement Size,
Product Name, Price etc.

Inspection Unavailable

3. Existence of Terms and Conditions

Inspection Available

- Business Info and Terms of Use

- Refunds & Shipping Regulations

- Payment Security Related Phrases

- Existence of Card Scheme Logo

(Visa, MasterCard, JCB etc.)

2nd Acquirer’s Inspection Guide

- Inspection Content : Determination whether Merchant’s Website is fully developed and whether it is legibility or not. Review on submitted required documents.

- Inspection Period : Approximately 2 weeks (***Period can possibly be extended due to additional questions, modification and etc. by the Acquirer)

- Inspection Complete : Inspection results noticed by e-mail, determination of fee & settlement period