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1. Introduction
1) Personal information means information that has the personal name, social security number and other information by means of such 
personally identifiable information(such information alone cannot identify a specific individual, combined with other information, 
to facilitate will include being able to identify).

2) GOMPAY considers your privacy is very important and information network use promotion and information protection act. on the 
personal information protection regulations and ministry of information and communication established (privacy guidelines) have to 
comply with GOM payment, through this privacy policy notifies you provided and is being used in a way that privacy will let you 
know whether or not any action is being taken for.

2. Collection and Use of information
1) GOMPAY collects personal information to set up and manage accounts for our e-commerce services and to handle orders of goods 
and services from GOM payment.
① we made collect your personal information such as name, phone number, address, email, date of register for event who register in

2) Personal information collect method
① GOMPAY will collect personal information on below
A. membership registration  B. Promotion and Event  C. Customer Service

3. Agreement to collection of personal information
In your GOMPAY's privacy policy or terms of use for the content of 「agree」 or 「disagree」 the clickable procedure, when you click the button 
the 「agree」, It means you agree about the collection of personal information.

4. Purpose of usage and collection of personal information
1) GOMPAY to one or more of the following purposes, and may collect personal information.
Personal identification, and send notices, confirmation of customers consideration, complaint handling, and communication, 
promotional events, information on new services/information, invoices, mobile delivery, sweepstakes and shopping goods for 
ensuring, for personalized service. 

2) However, there is a risk of infringement of fundamental human rights sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and 
creed, place of birth and domicile, political inclination and criminal record, State of health and sex life, etc.) will not be collected.

5. Terminate agreement for personal information collection or usage
In anytime you can terminate agreement of personal information collection or usage.
If you want to terminate the personal information, you can contact us by email (, customer service (82+70-7452-5657).
We will contact you immediately, and we will delete the necessary measures of personal information.

6. Personal information retention and use period
1) Your personal information as follows: the collection of personal information once the purpose is achieved will be terminated. 
However, by commercial law and other related laws and regulations of the rights and duties related to the transaction as follows by 
means of the confirmation of such a relationship shall be held for a period of time.
 - Records concerning the contract or subscription withdrawal: 5years
 - Payment and records of goods: 5years
 - Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3years 

2) With your agreement, as well as transaction information held in your viewing when GOMPAY check the payment to be able to access, without delay, measures.

7. Tech management for personal information protection
1) Tech management
 - GOMPAY will make sure we secure your personal information, also we don't lose your information or get stolen from third party.
  - GOMPAY uses security system (SSL or SET) for your personal information security.
 - Make sure we block hackers or 3rd parties to steal our server information and we are always keep eyes on our system 

2) Management
 - GOMPAY minimize the access to look your personal information. the people who has access to your information down below.
      ㆍ Person who do the marketing support for users
      ㆍ Person who manage or secure your personal information
      ㆍ Person who can provide personal information because of other duties
 - We educate people who are working on personal information security on our company.
 - Before the recruitment we make agreement between employee and company and make sure employee does not spoil users personal information
 - When employee quits the company we make sure educate that employee does not spoil personal information to others
 - We do keep documents separately with personal information documents and basic information documents
 - We limited access for visit document library or computer room
 - GOMPAY will not be responsible for users's mistake or internet riskiness. Users has to know these situations and make sure users protect their personal ID and password.
- If personal information is spoiled or leaked because of our information, we make sure company let users know immediately and we will make sure we find way to find solution and make compensation to users  

8. Device installation that collects personal information automatically, and refusal of this system.
The company will save from time to time and find your info ‘cookies‘. Cookies are used to operate the website, or that the server sends to your 
browser, a very small text file that is stored on your computer's hard disk. The company uses cookies for the following purposes.

1) For the purpose of using cookies, etc.
Members and non-members, as well as the frequency of visit time analysis, identify the user's tastes and interests and participation in various events, track, identify and visit a couple of recovery through targeted marketing and offers a personalized service, your cookies may have an option for the installation. Therefore, you set options in your Web browser accept all cookies, or, whenever a cookie is stored or OK, or it may refuse all cookies.

2) How to set cookies rejected
There is a way to reject the cookie settings, use your Web browser's option to accept all cookies, or cookies every time you save the confirmation or, you can reject all cookies. How to set up, for example, example of (Internet Explorer) : at the top of the Web browser tools > Internet options > privacy, however, if you reject cookies, there may be difficulty in providing services.

9. Posts
1) GOMPAY would consider customer’s posts are very important; we make sure prevent from damage, or prevent from deletion of posts. However, the following cases are exception.
 - Spam posts (example: chain letters, 8billion messages, a particular site has ads, etc.)
 - For purposes of distributing false information to defame the other people
 - People’s biographies goes public without agreement. GOM payment of copyrights, 3rd person of the content violates the rights of copyright, etc., and posts that have in wrong page
- GOMPAY is trying to make post board more active, therefore person who doesn’t want to give out personal information can delete or change the information.
- If your post is can be move to other post board we make sure make tell customer’s posts are moved and tell them why it’s been moved
 - Other than above, you can take an explicit or an individual alert deleted.

10. User's rights and obligations
1) Make sure you write the right personal information so you don’t get disadvantage later on. Also if customer’s write wrong information, 
we are not responsible for it. Customer him/herself has responsible for it.

2) Get your privacy rights and protect themselves with, and does not infringe on other people's information may have an obligation to. 
Your personal information will not be leaked, watch your post does not undermine the privacy of others, including, but not limited to, 
please note that. If this is not responsible, such as information and do not compromise the dignity in the 『information network use 
promotion and information protection law concerning』, etc.

11. Feedback and complaints
1) We value your feedback and your questions; you always deserve sincere answers from us
2) We reserve the right to communicate with you and your outstanding complaints handling Center and contacts are as follows:
【Complaints handling Center】
 - E-mail:
 - Phone number: 852-5801-4147
 - Fax number: 82-70-8230-8899
 - Address: #703 G-PlusDigital Tower, 222-31 Gurodong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
3) Phone consultations are weekdays 09: 00- 18: 00 pm only.
4) Consultation by e-mail or fax and email-based submission after 12hours answer in good faith. However, after hours or on weekends and public holidays are processed the next business day.
5) Other personal information if you need consultation on personal information infringement report Center, you can contact us at.
◑ Personal information infringement report Center - Phone: 1336

12. Personal information manager and contact
Make sure GOMPAY company customers use their information safely. Protecting your personal information and details at the time of an 
accident involving the privacy officer is responsible for all. However, despite the technical measures, basic network are caused by unexpected 
dangers on the accidental damage of information and visitors have written posts are not responsible with regard to the various disputes caused by. 
Personal information question we make sure treat our customers well also the customer manager will answer your questions with sincere.

13. The obligations
County privacy policy, 3 2011- 28has been enacted on the Government's policy or security, change, add or delete the content, depending on the 
technology and have modified the amendment at least 7days prior to home page 'notices‘ section will be announced.

Effective date: 2011 - 09 - 26